Pat Drummond :: life & technology

March 30, 2021

Dear Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and people of vision:

You and many others have the resources and youth to follow any dream you want. But instead, you play games looking upwards towards the stars instead of down here on earth. You could help mankind and the earth survive, yet you seem to be looking for ways to get away from the earth. If someone could find a new source of energy, the pollution destroying the earth would end, and a new bright future could begin the "energy revolution".

People thought solar energy could be the solution, but only direct conversion of solar where it's used is efficient and does not use other resources. Large solar fields are being built only when subsidized. Large wind 'farms' are seldom welcome hear the populations that need their power. Batteries that store solar energy require materials and energy that creates new sources of pollution. Charging batteries from the existing power grid does not solve the pollution, as most power is generated by oil, gas, and nuclear generators. New ideas, research and development are clearly needed.

My dream is to save the earth - and everyone in it - by finding a new source of energy. Many people have hypothesized how this could be done, but no one has yet come up with the knowledge, persistence, time and money to find answers to this problem.

But I am a senior, and those of you who are younger have the time and resources to do it. The rewards would be far more than money or accolades - it would be the rewriting of the history of the human race. It might require more investment than any one person or country is willing to spend, but it might be necessary to survive.

    "We can't afford to fail. we have to prove that we have the
    intelligence to prevent our own extinction."
        - former NASA systems engineer working on the ITER Project