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March 08, 2020

A "Hootlet" for Firefox posting to Hootsuite

I love using, an easy way to manage several social media accounts in one place.  If you use the Chrome browser, you can find a Hootlet addon that helps post to any of your Hootsuite accounts with the URL of the current page. But in the Firefox browser, their Hootlet addon disappeared a long time ago. Good news! You can create your own Hootlet quite easily by creating a bookmarklet (a bookmark containing javascript instead of a web address).
  1. First create a new bookmark in the Bookmarks Menu. (Type CTRL+SHIFT+B and find it under All Bookmarks).
  2. Name the bookmark Hootlet.
  3. In the URL (website address) paste this code (all one line):
To be able to access this bookmarklet, you need Bookmarks in your menu bar at the top of the Firefox window...
  1. Click the >> icon at the end of the menu bar to open the overflow menu .
  2. Select Customize to add or remove icons and spacers. 
  3. Drag the underlined star icon to the menu bar.
When you are reading a web page you want to share with your tribe on social media:
  1. Click on the Bookmarks icon,
  2. Find and click the Hootlet icon -- which you put moved to the top, right!  You will see a new page that looks like the screenshot below. 
  3. Select the social account from the drop-down list, edit the text box if you like, then choose your posting time -- automatic (e.g. Mon-Fri 11:30 am), post later (schedule a time) or post right now. Happy Hooting!

My apologies for the blue "Post Now" button not displaying correctly - it works fine.
Contact me if you know how to fix it.