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November 12, 2019

Why can't Canada Post 'deliver'?

Buying online has its problems - mostly delivery. Today, Canada Post did not deliver my two packages from Hudson's Bay. I don't know what 'expedited delivery' means but  I received a notice to pick up two recent orders from at the nearest postal outlet - 2 hours I'll never get back. 

Bottom line - I would shop in a real store if I didn't want it delivered at my home. Pickup notices is not what I expected or paid for. 

After 2 years of this 'no delivery' model, I recently gave up trying to contact Canada Post and contacted people at individual stores. I started with and to use other delivery services (Puralex, Fedex), which they agreed to. But taking an hour per store to arrange 'delivery' other than Canada Post is time consuming. To make it harder, online store do not provides an option for delivery. The first time you know who's delivering your package is when you get a tracking code from the seller - too late!!

Yes we had snow today, but it was well cleared at 1:30 when the notice was put in the mail kiosk to pick up the items - I discovered this online. I was so pi**ed I called the postal outlet (a subcontractor Shopper's Drugmart) not expecting a thing.  I've been a feminist for 50 yrs but have to admit that a man that answering gave better response than any woman I talked to over the last 2-3 years.  Hmm.  He even took the time to look up my tracking numbers, explaining the possible excuses - dodgy neighbouthood, store delivery restrictions, weather. etc.) I assured him there was no excuse possible except maybe Hudson's Bay doesn't deliver (even when they say they do). 

Tomorrow I plan to try again to get someone from Canada Post on the phone. Wish me luck.