Pat Drummond :: life & technology

June 29, 2019

China is a Rogue State

China  has imprisoned two Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for six months now. Bully tactics. How would you like six months of daily torture, sleep deprivation, and interrogation. This should have been a wake-up moment for all countries that deal with China, but instead there is silence. Someone has to stand up to these bullies. Someone has to hit back. Someone has to stop playing pussy foot.

Jean Chretien's suggestion to simply not extadite the Huawei executive to the United States is ridiculous. No one is safe if we bend to their threats. China seems to think that Canada is their entry into controlling North America - I hope they are wrong and countries wake up to how China does business.

Banning the Chinese United Front agents in Canada would be a great start.  We must never delude ourselves into thinking that China is anything but a bully state who does not recognize any kind of democratic rule of law. They are used to getting their own way - Canada and the USA must wake up and play hard ball - the only thing China understands.