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February 22, 2014

Top Ten Reasons Why I Live in Rural Ottawa

10.  If you go for a walk, you don't get run over by in-line skaters.

 9.  The local coffee shop actually sells black coffee.

 8.  There are no cell-phone chatters on the street.

 7.  Pedestrians and baby strollers can walk safely on streets.

 6.  You know the guy in the hardware store by name.

 5.  There are very few traffic jams.

 4.  You rarely hear a police or fire siren.

 3.  People in the grocery store don't look startled if you talk to them.

 2.  You always meet people you know at a community event.

      ...and finally the top reason I live in rural Ottawa...

 1.  On a hot summer day, the air still smells clean.