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March 20, 2013

Mark's Ignores Website Bugs

It's hard to understand why Mark's, a large Canadian clothing company, would have a web store so poorly coded that I could not use it to order the colour I wanted. Then they ignored me when I told them. It's easy to understand why they have to sell off their clothing at fire sale prices... If people can't use the Mark's website properly, let's face it, most won't complete orders that are this wonky! I just gritted my teeth and forged ahead.

After I received my order (wrong colour), I took the time to document the problems via I can't include their reply, but it's just a form letter! telling me to "contact our Web Order team at" or phone "1-800-663-6275 Extension 7500". Really?  Why can't the person who answers these messages forward them to the appropriate department like EVERY OTHER BUSINESS? So Mark's wants to ignore customer complaints?  The result is posts to this blog, twitter and Facebook!  Caveat Emptor

Email sent to Mark's Work's Wearhouse on March 19, 2013:

Date: 3/19/2013 12:49:48 PM
Subject: Web order problems

Your website has problems with colours and prices. 
The page for knit dress (3DJGDHFB2-780) is shown in attached photo for this link:

1. The first photo that appears is the colour I wanted - light beige-white heather mix - but it does not appear on the list of colours.

2. Clicking on onyx heather you see a tiny swatch of mixed gray-white -- the dress shown is bordeaux.
I ordered onyx heather but when it arrived it was a flat gray!!
Clicking "Neutral twist" you see a gray-white swatch but the photo shows a flat tan colour dress.

3. The cross-out price shown is $19.99. The dress arrived today with a tag $79.99. Quite a difference.

My order was # ...
Patricia Drummond,
  {address, phone}