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September 12, 2009

HST Increases Costs on most Services by 8%

Increased prices on all services and commodities that were previously exempt from PST (gasoline) will reduce demand (it always does), so the economy could stall or even reverse back into recession. "On a $500,000 home in Toronto, the HST will mean $6,000 in new taxes. (first $400,000 of any new home is now exempt). ( Fight back! We're crazy to accept this.

Here is my personal list of services that will increase by 8% next July:
  • new house purchase (over $400,000)
  • lawyers fees & legal services
  • hydro charges
  • municipal water charges
  • home heating fuels (oil, gas, electric)
  • furnace installation & service
  • Home services: plumber, electrician, other trades
  • Professional services: lawyers, accountants
  • postage stamps
  • magazines, newspapers
  • cell phone & internet services
  • car/boat fuel (gas, diesel, oil)
  • car repairs
  • boat dockage & mooring
  • boat winter storage
  • boat repair & other services
  • boat mast stepping
  • boat haulout & launching
  • boat holding tank pump out
  • marine surveyor services
  • brokerage sales fees
  • safety equipment