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April 12, 2009

Modern communication isn't working

Why won't people phone when the situation requires it. It's always easier to email if you have a question or if your message is sent at an inappropriate time (between 9pm and 9am). But if someone wants to arrange a meeting that suits both people, email is painfully slow! A short phone call would replace a lot of typing. So why don't people just pick up the phone?

I lost out on visiting a friend because she chose to email her invitation. Since she had forgotten to tell me her new email address, my "spam" filters didn't deliver it. I had been expecting this invitation, and wondered why it never came. With no reply, she probably thought I wasn't interested. By the time I found out what happened the opportunity was over.

Recently, I had another experience where a call would have solved a problem. I phoned and left voice mail to "phone" so I could ask about what was involved in a volunteer job he was leaving. He emailed instead. When he finallly called days later at 9 pm, I was slightly cranky.

Email, Facebook, Twitter, IM, text messages, etc. have effectively replaced people actually talking to each other. Although I have a Skype account, people prefer the occasional personal Facebook message or email. Ditto with Twitter, although even e-friends don't use it yet. (e-friend - someone you know more online than offline.)

There is only one living person who wrote letters to me. Then emails. Then she got Skype installed and called me. And now she updates her 'status line' on Facebook. Sign of the times.

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