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February 10, 2008

Winterlude in Ottawa

Just got back from a beach holiday tanned and relaxed. Undone in no time, when we returned to digging your car out and driving through a blizzard to get home . Only good news was they cancelled everything all day so there wasn't much traffic. Unfortunately, that included snow plows - Hunt Club Rd hadn't been plowed in hours!

Simply sloth - I haven't yet made it to Winterlude or the Rideau Canal skateway to see the best ice sculptures in the world (I'm sure this is true). Also giant snow sculptures across the Ottawa River in Quebec. If you are up to standing in the cold for hours, you can watch free outdoor concerts. Not even the Road Hammers could coax me. The ice has been terrible due to constant snow and freeze/thaw. Once the festival is over next weekend, the NCC will quit working on the ice and I sure hope it finally stops snowing every day! I really want to skate on the canal - longest skating rink is the world eh! (Also a world heritage site.)

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