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May 08, 2007

Spring work

Especially in spring, I wonder if life wouldn't be better if there was less to maintain. More time and money to do other things. Still, I don't think I'm ready for a condo just yet. Before spring arrived, we went with friends to South Carolina for the golf and beach - waves and seagulls make the perfect soundtrack for thinking about life. I'd like to simplify my life so I can do a few things while I'm still healthy and fit enough - travel, sail trip, try some new things. I took lots of photos like this (aren't digital cameras great!) as I walked and thought. On returning home, spring work awaited (one bit of luck, the river didn't flood) and a sequence of workmen arrived, fixing the drainage system, installing an Internet connection, replacing the sliding door (then getting it fixed), filling holes in the back yard, aerating and planting grass. Then I phoned about kitchen hardware under warranty (still waiting), and trying to replace a mirror that mysteriously fell and broke while we were away (?). I nearly didn't notice crocuses, daffodils and tulips spreading bursts of colour around the yard! Then off to take the tarp off the boat, cleaning/waxing/painting (2 hours driving each time). In a few days, it will get launched, and we have to raise the mast and rigging the entire boat. We are both getting grumpy. Pray nothing breaks so we can fit in some play time!

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